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Aer0 Windbreaks

Having 40 years of experience in the aluminium sector, we research, design and produce the new Aer0 Windbreaks series, with 7 different windbreak models, that satisfy the needs of every project.

Aer0 Windbreaks is a set of innovative products with anti-wind protection, with the advantage of complete covering of semi- and outdoor areas, in combination with shading systems for protection against weather events. Safety, functionality and high resistance are our reference point for every project we design, though having as a priority the high-end modern design.

Fast Installation

Fast and easy installation. All models are delivered ready for installation.

Easy use

All models are designed in view of easy use, regardless their functionality.

Sound reduction

Sound reduction and protection against all weather conditions.

Electrostatic coating

Electrostatic coating of all hues of the RAL standard for covering any architectural and aesthetic need.


Lock closed position for safety.


Immobilization of the moving sash at any point.
Glass Windbreaks


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